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Security Concerns Rise For Connected Autos

By John Koon

Value of automotive data increases, widening the attack surface.

The auto industry is transforming itself toward a future in which the automobile increasingly will be connected using V2X and 5G. Driver assistance will improve, and ultimately cars will be guided by AI and machine learning. But all of this will be closely watched by hackers, looking for an opening and a potentially large and untraceable payout.
“I always think you should have more discipline in processes,” said John Hallman, product manager for trust and security at OneSpin Solutions. “With SolarWinds, they should have caught it sooner. It’s part of the processes that should have been in place. They could have done better jobs checking earlier on. They could have looked for these types of vulnerabilities earlier. The way they infiltrated the supply chain was interesting, but it’s not necessarily new.”


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