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Platform Overview

Proven extensible formal technology

Formal verification has been an active area of academic and industrial research. With hundreds of important considerations to make, and given the algorithmic complexity of formal analysis, developing a scalable and reliable formal verification tool is one of the most challenging engineering tasks one can think of. For this reason, many companies’ products have failed to meet customer requirements.

In contrast, the OneSpin platform has been leveraged on hundreds of electronic development projects. This experience has allowed the OneSpin engineering team to perfect the technology for a multitude of purposes, ensuring state-of-the-art performance, capacity, and operational reliability.

With over 300+ engineering development years applied, the OneSpin technology has won multiple industry awards for excellence.

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OneSpin’s Formal Technology

OneSpin’s formal technology platform is the basis of all its product lines, solutions and apps. It contains the formal engines required to execute verification functions, the data-structures necessary to retain design information, an engine management system and other functions necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the OneSpin tools and apps.

Standard Support and Ease of Use

The platform supports standard languages such as SystemVerilog and VHDL, and most lately SystemC, and allows the use of SystemVerilog and PSL assertions. The system includes broad ease-of-use functionality, a comprehensive debug environment, and TCL extensibility.

State of the Art Proof Engines

Fourteen formal proof engines, leveraging public and OneSpin proprietary algorithms, are working at the core of the platform. These are selected using built-in heuristics to enable an effective, high-performance verification mechanism. The Formal engines can operate in a parallel processing mode for enhanced performance, and they are alternatively available in the Cloud.

3rd-Party Extensions

Lately, OneSpin has made this platform available to Third Party app developers in the form of LaunchPad. Through this technology OneSpin’s app portfolio has been augmented with products from third party domain experts.

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