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A Tale Of Two Challenges: From Space Exploration To Unlocking Your Vision

By: Rob van Blommestein

Put your skills to the test with a new puzzle.

I love a good puzzle, and I’m guessing most engineers do as well. After all, engineers spend their days solving complex problems to deliver the most advanced products to the world or to perform mission-critical tasks. We kicked off this season of merriment with the latter in mind at this year’s Nokia FPGA Conference and “Mission to Mars” Hackathon in late November. Now, just in time for some holiday fun, we’re launching our own contest that will test your ability to unlock your vision. Our annual Holiday Puzzle Challenge provides the technical dilemma our die-hard participants expect while also giving our less technical community the opportunity to take part in the fun.


All kidding aside, even the simplest designs have corner-case bugs that are hard to detect by code review, let alone designs which might feature third-party or legacy IP with incomplete or obsolete documentation, or even IP with deliberately-hidden functions. Luckily, unique solutions from OneSpin are extremely efficient in revealing unknown behaviors and bugs, even in the most known and understood designs.



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