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OneSpin Solutions Adds Formal Fault Qualification Analysis to Safety Critical Apps Portfolio; Will Demonstrate OneSpin 360 Qualify at DAC

Expands Safety Critical Formal Verification Solution for Automotive, Other Industry Segments Working With High-Reliability Design Constraints

SAN JOSE, CALIF. –– June 3, 2015 –– OneSpin Solutions™, provider of innovative formal solutions targeting a broad range of challenging verification problems, announced it will demonstrate its new OneSpin 360 Qualify™ product, formal fault qualification analysis for safety critical systems, during the 52nd Design Automation Conference (DAC) in Booth #3126.

OneSpin 360 Qualify accelerates and increases the precision of safety critical fault verification, an important part of the qualification process for ISO 26262 and other safety standards. The latest in a growing portfolio of formal verification apps, it formally identifies hard to track “non-propagatable” faults in a safety critical design verification operation, streamlining the fault simulation process and increasing overall “detected fault” verification accuracy.

“Safety critical designs represent a natural opportunity for exhaustive formal verification and, through our work with industry leaders, we now have a rich portfolio of effective apps in this area,” says Dr. Raik Brinkmann, OneSpin Solutions’ president and chief executive officer (CEO). “Fault qualification is one of the most time-consuming and important operations in the verification of these designs, and we have produced a unique app that fully complements our safety critical solution.”

Specialized mechanisms are integrated into safety critical electronics components to ensure a reliable, deterministic reaction to a random hardware failure. ISO 26262 and other standards demand a quantitative analysis of these failures and their outcomes based on a test of the gate-level models, where faults are injected to qualify onboard safety functions.

Formal Safety Fault Pruning with OneSpin 360 Qualify

OneSpin 360 Qualify analyzes the overall potential fault population prior to fault simulation, enabling the overall fault detection ratio metric to be improved with minimal effort. This pre-simulation formal analysis detects non-propagatable faults –– that is, runtime faults that cannot trigger onboard safety logic in a safety critical electronic component. It aids in the debug of stimulus to improve fault propagation, and concentrates the fault simulation process on propagating faults. This enables the overall fault detection ratio metric to be improved with minimal effort.

While OneSpin 360 Qualify primarily operates on a gate level netlist, it can also be applied to register transfer level (RTL) code, and supports the SystemVerilog, VHDL and SystemC languages. It analyzes faults with no design change, a key requirement of many safety standards. It can operate on an entire fault population, or a user-defined fault list to provide a statistical analysis based on fault sampling. A specified area of interest or restricted fault list also may be applied to save unnecessary processing time. An initial design state generated at a specific timestamp during a simulation may be loaded for context specific testing. The app includes full graphical debugging to improve fault propagation.

OneSpin 360 Qualify is shipping now. Pricing is available on request. For more information click here

OneSpin Solutions at Design Automation Conference

OneSpin Solutions will demonstrate OneSpin 360 Qualify and its entire formal verification product family at DAC  in Booth #3126 June 8-10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Information about DAC can be found at:

Other safety critical verification technology will be demonstrated during DAC in OneSpin’s suites. To request a demonstration, go to:

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