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OneSpin Escalates Growth Addressing the Need for Assuring IC Integrity

Functional Correctness, Safety, Trust and Security Solutions Shore Up Company’s Position Amid Global Pandemic

MUNICH, GERMANY –– March 23, 2021 –– OneSpin® Solutions, provider of certified IC integrity verification solutions for building functionally correct, safe, secure and trusted integrated circuits, announced that 2020 was met with unprecedented demand and adoption of its products. Revenues for OneSpin resulted in a 34 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past five years significantly outpacing the overall formal verification market growth of roughly 6.2% (Electronic System Design Alliance Market Statistics Services Report). The company also experienced a 15 percent increase in new customer acquisitions in 2020. While considerable growth was achieved with OneSpin’s Design Verification product family, the recently added FPGA Retargeting, RISC-V, SystemC, safety, trust and security solutions saw a double digit climb in revenue.

“We’re proud that our customers rely on us to meet their IC integrity requirements,” said Raik Brinkmann, President and CEO, OneSpin. “The fact that we continue to sustain record-setting growth is a testament not only to the quality of our technology, but also the outstanding customer service that we provide. Our solutions give our customers confidence that their designs operate as intended, even under adverse conditions caused by hardware faults or malicious attacks in the field.”

Despite an economy hit hard by the pandemic, OneSpin’s solutions provided leading-edge technology companies in 5G cellular, automotive, industrial, and defense industries the ability to outshine their competitors and meet market demands. Today’s complex designs not only require companies meet functional correctness, but also safety, trust and security standards for delivering worry-free electronics to the world. OneSpin customers were able to innovate knowing that OneSpin would be able to solve even their toughest verification challenges quickly and accurately to meet strict IC integrity requirements. These unique solutions are ideally suited for companies adopting an Agile workflow used to implement continuous verification throughout the design’s lifecycle.

“OneSpin has always been dedicated to collaborating closely with their customers to develop noteworthy technology that can be scaled on a global level,” said Paul Hill, Azini Capital partner and Chairman of the Board for OneSpin. “It is this commitment that has helped to create success for OneSpin’s customers and has ultimately led to OneSpin’s thriving and profitable business even with the global economic challenges faced in the past year.”

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About OneSpin:

OneSpin Solutions is a leading provider of certified IC integrity verification solutions for building functionally correct, safe, secure and trusted integrated circuits. These solutions are based on OneSpin's widely used formal verification technology and assure the integrity of SoCs, ASICs and FPGAs. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, OneSpin partners with leaders worldwide in automotive and industrial applications; defense; avionics; artificial intelligence and machine learning; consumer electronics; and communications. Its advanced solutions are well-suited for developing heterogeneous computing platforms, using programmable logic, and designing and integrating processor cores, such as RISC-V. OneSpin's customer-oriented commitment is fundamental to its growth and success. OneSpin: Assuring IC Integrity. Visit to learn more.

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