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Osmosis 2020: Technical Deep Dive - Achieving RISC-V Integrity

Sven Beyer, Chief Scientist

RISC-V is one of the hottest trends in the industry these days, with core providers from textbook open source to high-end commercial ones. The freedom to configure the RISC-V ISA in detail to the system needs, including custom instructions, is one of its strong appeals. However, this freedom comes with an equally great responsibility to assure integrity of the implemented RISC-V core, from ISA compliance over absence of hidden instructions or registers to absence of side-channel types of attacks. In this technical deep dive, we will take a look at OneSpin's current RISC-V apps for architecture and verification. We will also share some insight into the trust, assurance, and security RISC-V extensions planned for the upcoming OneSpin 360 2021.1 release.

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