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Securing Microelectronics for Safer Automobiles

By John Hallman, Product Manager Trust & Security, OneSpin Solutions

Security researchers have demonstrated extensively how cybersecurity attacks can have disastrous consequences in automotive systems. A successful car hack could be extended to an entire fleet of vehicles and put many lives in danger. Moreover, car owners’ privacy and the protection of intellectual properties (IPs) and other assets of car manufactures and their supply chain are also at stake. Unlike safety, however, automotive cybersecurity is in its infancy. The upcoming “ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering” standard promises to modernise and harmonise cybersecurity activities across the automotive supply chain.

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RISC-V with Focus on Security (Danish)

By John Hallman, Product Manager, OneSpin Solutions

The rise of RISC-V has many reasons behind it. RISC-V allows a new level of hardware optimization for specific workloads. Moore’s law is slowing down, and customization is crucial to sustaining the level of performance improvements that technological advances in the semiconductor manufacturing process can no longer provide. Moreover, the RISC-V architecture is free from licensing costs and royalties, enabling more companies to develop innovative, affordable products. Much is happening in the field of IoT and wearable devices with artificial intelligence capabilities, for example.

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