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Staying A Step Ahead Of Hackers With Continuous Verification

By John Hallman, Product Manager, OneSpin Solutions

Utilizing digital twins to reduce the risk of updates to programmable hardware introducing new vulnerabilities.

We’re all familiar with the apps on our phones and how often they get updated. Most of the time, these updates are done over the air quickly and easily. Other times, a completely new download of the software is required. But let’s take a look at the hardware platforms that the software runs on. What happens when the hardware needs to be upgraded? Today’s hardware platforms are expensive to develop, especially if we look the more complex system that run critical infrastructures, industrial IoT, autonomous vehicles, or safety-critical applications. To amortize the cost of these systems, feature upgrades need to be incremental and customizable throughout the lifetime of the product. Heterogenous platforms that include programmable logic, programmable engines, and accelerators deliver on the needed customization and flexibility that allow updates in the field.


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