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IC Security Threat Grows As More Devices Are Connected

By Ann Steffora Mutschler

Awareness increases, but so does the complexity of systems and the potential attack surface.

Designing for security is beginning to gain traction across a wider swath of chips and systems as more of them are connected to the Internet and to each other, sometimes in safety- and mission-critical markets where the impact of a cyber attack can be devastating.
“We’ve got all this information and the need to share information, but we’re retreating back a little bit to compartmentalization,” said John Hallman, product manager for trust and security at OneSpin Solutions. “Even if everyone is under one roof, I can’t talk to the guy on the other side of the wall because that means only one person can be compromised instead of two. In the past, data sharing just didn’t exist. Then it improved. Now we may be going back to something closer to that with some type of controlled information. Otherwise, your risk of compromise goes up considerably.”


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