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Electronics Supply-Chain Trust Standards Emerge

By: Bryon Moyer

Fragmentation is still rampant, but there are signs of progress.

“Standards may help in this effort to define which data is really needed, and processes for attestation,” noted John Hallman, product manager for trust and security at OneSpin Solutions. “SAE and ISO standards in industry sectors like automotive, aerospace, industrial control systems, and others are already establishing common practices for assurance and could significantly help in identifying common data that may be collected as evidence of trust or assurance.”


All in all, many organizations are heeding the call for better standards and processes. And there is much yet to be done. Ford gives one example: “It’s just unbelievable that as an industry, we create standards and guidelines for how to deal with counterfeit, how to inspect, how to test, how to do the paperwork, how to communicate with people, and not a single standard to how to actually stop the aggressive counterfeit.”

Some standards may end up overlapping each other. And in most cases, work is still underway. So readers are encouraged to track the activities they are interested in, because things likely will change over the next year and beyond.


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