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Berlin, Germany | November 5–6, 2019

President and CEO Raik Brinkmann will speak on "Artificial Intelligence in Hardware Design—Chances and Challenges for Designs and Tools" at edaForum19.

WEDNESDAY November 6, 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM | Regent Hotel Berlin

Artificial Intelligence in Hardware Design - Opportunities and Challenges for Designs and Tools

AI and machine learning applications increasingly require the use of special hardware architectures to address the challenges of latency, throughput and power consumption. At the same time, systems must meet growing security and trustworthiness requirements to gain user acceptance. Increased lifetimes and continuous system improvements during use create additional aspects that are relevant to the design.

On the one hand, this creates new challenges for design and verification of functional correctness, security and trustworthiness, which in turn require new methods and tools. In addition, approaches from AI and machine learning are increasingly being incorporated into these methods and tools to meet the new challenges. In this lecture, both aspects will be highlighted using examples from industry and special aspects will be worked out.

WEDNESDAY November 6, 12:15 AM - 12:45 AM | Regent Hotel Berlin

Microelectronics, EDA and AI: Status and Interplay of These Research Areas


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