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Unlock Your Vision… And A Bit Of EDA History

By: McKenzie Ross

Fifth annual puzzle contest challenged engineers to reveal design secrets hiding in plain sight.

Repetitive patterns and hardware designs have something in common: there may be more than meets the eye. Even simple designs can have corner cases that are hard to detect by code review alone, and the situation is even more complex if third-party or legacy IP is involved. What if the IP has a deliberately hidden function? This is where verification tools like OneSpin 360 come in, to remove human limitations from the equation and reveal unknown design behaviors and bugs that may be lurking beneath the surface.


I’ll leave you with one final piece of OneSpin trivia. The prize for that naming contest? It was originally supposed to be a case of fine wine, but our winner had other ideas. A quintessential Brit to the core, he requested a modest selection of German beers instead. This may well have been the least expensive company-naming process in EDA history! No marketing agencies, no focus groups—just friendly competition and high-quality beer. Nearly 16 years hence, wherever in the world you see OneSpin employees, you’ll still find plenty of both.


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