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Privacy Protection A Must For Driver Monitoring

By Ann Steffora Mutschler

Why driver data collected by in-cabin monitoring systems must be included as part of the overall security system.

Driver monitoring systems are so tied into a vehicle’s architecture that soon the driver will not be able to opt out because the vehicle will only operate if the driver is detected and monitored. This is raising privacy concerns about whether enough security is in place for the data to remain private.


Indeed, as we extend connectivity of our lives to the vehicles we operate, we expose more and more personal data into the processing systems of the vehicle itself, said John Hallman, product manager for trust and security at OneSpin Solutions. “We connect devices such as cell phones, tablets and others that contain this personal information, and expect to maintain confidentiality and privacy of this information. This balance between convenience of having the data available and accessible, versus protecting this information from those who should not be granted access, is the constant security challenge we fight.”


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