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OneSpin's "going where Cadence isn't" approach is Best of 2020

By: John Cooley

Best of 2020

WHERE THE BIG GUYS AREN'T: Years ago, I remember being on an EDA panel with the then CEO of Mentor Graphics, Wally Rhines, and during the Q&A someone
asked Wally how can a small EDA start-up could succeed in an EDA world dominated by SNPS, CDNS, and MENT.  He answered "For an EDA start-up to succeed, it has to go where the Big Guys aren't.  Develop tools in niches where the Big 3 aren't helping. Solve those problems for the chip designers and verifiers, and you'll make good money. - Wally Rhines, Mentor CEO (some time back in 2010 or 2012)


It turns out that OneSpin CEO Raik Brinkmann agreed with Wally's advice and Raik made it his start-up's guiding philosophy.  And it REALLY paid off: "OneSpin has had a 50 percent compounded growth rate over the last 4 or 5 years -- every year." - Raik Brinkmann, OneSpin CEO in ESNUG 588 #14 at DAC'2019 ALMOST FULL BLOWN TOOLS: What makes this even more interesting, is that OneSpin seems to be going to town on the features in their unique apps; approaching their apps more like full-on products than as an 'app'.




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