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New Security Approaches, New Threats

By: Ed Sperling

Techniques and technology for preventing breaches are becoming more sophisticated, but so are the attacks.

“With assembly, packaging and test, we’ve been looking at whether an IC is doing what it’s supposed to be doing,” said John Hallman, product manager for trust and security at OneSpin Solutions. “But we’re starting to ask the question, ‘Is it doing anything else?’ We want to independently verify that the IP or IC satisfies security objectives. And we’re going to be moving that solution further to the left.”


The fact that the chip industry is taking this seriously is a step in the right direction. But even with the best intentions and nearly unlimited resources, there will continue to be breaches. The challenge is to be able to prevent these problems from spreading, and to snuff them out as quickly as possible when they do occur. Chipmakers are finally coming around to recognizing that, but it still will take time before those changes are implemented on a wide enough scale to make a significant impact.


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