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Configuring Processors In The Field

By Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

How late can something be deferred during the development process? With dynamically extensible processors, that may be while it’s operating.

The convergence of two technologies, extensible processors and embedded FPGAs, is enabling the creation of processors that can be dynamically configured in the field. But it’s not clear if there is a need for them or how difficult would it be to program them. This remains an open question even though there is evidence of its usefulness in the past and new products are expected to reach the market soon.


Would it be possible to make that accelerator be part of the programmable fabric? Can the programming environment for it be created, and is there are market for such a product? “In general, dynamic reconfiguration of programmable logic is a great idea, and one that clearly can bring significant power and performance benefits to many applications,” says Tobias Welp, product manager for OneSpin Solutions.


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