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Assuring the Integrity of RISC-V Processor Cores IP (Chinese)

By Sven Beyer, RISC-V Product Manager, OneSpin Solutions

One of the most-discussed topics in electronics today is the RISC-V processor instruction set architecture (ISA). Many conferences papers and technical articles have discussed RISC-V, with many more planned. While it is still early in the evolution of the processor architecture, RISC-V may be a revolutionary change in the intellectual property (IP) and semiconductor industry. It is defined by the RISC-V Foundation as “a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration.” As such, it directly challenges well- established processor families. Anyone can develop RISC-V processor cores or integrate them into system-on-chip (SoC) designs. The Foundation supports, standardizes, and evolves the RISC-V ISA without requiring a license or assessing any royalties.


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